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Parametric 3D printer designs with OpenSCAD

xyzprintingdavinci1.0I bought an entry-level 3D Printer from PrintME3D recently – an XYZprinting DaVinci 1.0 and I’m impressed. I’ve printed nothing fancy – mostly brackets, clips, motor couplings and a few replacement parts for toys and tools.

I’ve been using OpenSCAD and wanted to¬† put my simple designs online. Some of my OpenSCAD designs might be useful for other people but with different dimensions, so I made a simple parameter form for each design with a preview image to show the effect of changes.

The preview image is linked to a simple 3D viewer powered by JSC3D, which uses STL produced on the server using the modified parameters from the form. The images are of an adjustable, flexible clip-on bracket to hold a rear mudguard in place with an M5 bolt on a Giant MTX bicycle belonging to my daughter.


OpenSCAD rendering of one half of symmetrical adjustable rear mudguard bracket


JSC3D interactive rendering of STL file

The XYZPrinting DaVinci 1.0 is great for an entry model 3D printer, once Repetier (so it can be used with a Linux PC) has been installed and trial-and-error has established good temperatures for the bed and extruder and levelled the bed. After producing many satisfactory-to-good prints, I find it occasionally goes through bad patches of the first layer not adhering to the bed. If poor adhesion happens in only one small patch, it’s not always fatal for the print. I suspect occasional poor adhesion is due to the bed going out of level, possibly due to the vigour with which I remove the previous print’s baked-on glue.